The Mind Of A Leader

The Mind Of A Leader is a one day programme designed to bring business leaders new ideas and thoughts, along with the opportunity to learn and or enhance their personal skills through utilising the latest understandings and learnings in a burgeoning area of scientific enquiry to drive individual, team and group motivation and development.

Why Attend:

Over the past 10-15 years huge leaps in understanding the human mind and its accompanying physical structures (the body and the brain) have led to unexpected progression in the fields of medicine and psychology.

Championed by the Neuroscience community, these developments are showing us how to heal disorders previously thought near untouchable. It is finally accepted by a greater part of the academic community that the mind and body (as one) has unprecedented capability to heal itself and adapt to its local environments when allowed (or shown how) to do so. So how can these discoveries assist us in contexts outside of the field of Medicine and Neural research?

Developed for the middle to senior managers in an organisation, this programme is also well-suited to those wishing to enhance their own personal effectiveness in dealing with a fast moving and ever flexible, demanding business world.

Key Objectives:

This programme will present participants with the opportunity to better understand how areas such as attention, personal filters, cultural difference, relationships , communication and health and stress combine to motivate or de-motivate individuals and teams.


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