Certified NLP Practitioner

When we come to your work place and deliver an NLP Practitioner course it is more than just learning how to use NLP with colleagues and clients, it is also about harnessing the skills that help individuals achieve excellence in their own life and profession.

At the Business NLP Academy, the most advanced and forward thinking NLP School in the UK, our key value is self congruency. This stems from our prestigious training faculty; NLP co-creator John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clairand Master Trainer Michael Carroll

Therefore you and your colleagues will not just gain an NLP certification enabling each participant to advance their own career. Participants will also learn how to apply NLP techniques for their own personal development to achieve excellence for themselves. It is only when one is confident and proficient in practicing NLP for self application that they are able to teach others to use it, and use it on others to influence.

Why Attend Our NLP practitioner Training?

Over nine days, which can be split into modules to save time away from the office, the NLP Practitioner Training steers participants through the theory and practical application of powerful NLP techniques which can be used for various reasons. Delegates can expect to gain emotional stability, a higher sense of self confidence, how to set and achieve goals, use language with more precision and clarity, be able to influence others and become natural leaders.

The below syllabus is very flexible. We can design this course so it is bespoke and tailored to your organisations specific requirements.

During This NLP Practitioner Course You Will Learn:


Core NLP patterns

  • Epistemology: a model that explains how human beings know what they know.
  • Rapport Building: with NLP techniques you will be able to effortlessly gain trust and raise responsiveness of those around you.
  • Calibration: using NLP tools so you can read, understand and react to the non-verbal communication of your client.
  • Representational Systems: the structure of information in the human mind. Once you understand this you can add information or remove beliefs that are causing an obstruction quickly and easily.

Language models

  • How to use language with more clarity and precision by utilising the original meta model
  • How to effectively use hypnotic language and patterning by using the Milton model.
  • How to stimulate the unconscious to assist the creativity of your client using metaphors.
  • How to employ multiple verbal models to enhance your ability to influence with language.

Classic Code models and NLP processes for change

  • How to build and manoeuvre different states by anchoring formats.
  • How to change the structure of mental representations by using submodality interventions.
  • Steering your client to set his or her own direction using tasking.
  • How to use timeline formats to collapse past representations thus overcoming them.

Working with the unconscious mind

  • Working with involuntary unconscious signal; once you have mastered this you will be able to shape your states easily.
  • The N Step Reframing technique: this can be used to bring about powerful change.
  • Being able to gauge how intent a client is on dealing with inconsistencies in their life.
  • How to integrate parts of a client’s life, ultimately achieving alignment.

The Practitioner ethics

  • Being aware of the ethical boundaries of a relationship and working to the limits of this.
  • How to frame and manage a client’s expectations
  • Being able to identify the differences between content and process
  • Avoiding client dependency
  • How to present your results with evidence of success
  • How to ensure communication between client’s conscious and unconscious mind is sound

Commonly asked questions are answered on our blog with regards to our NLP Practitioner course.

For any more information in regards to this course please contact us.
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