Company Profile

About the Business NLP Academy

our centreThe Business NLP Academy is the sister company of the UK’s leading centre of NLP Learning and Excellence, The NLP Academy.

Our aim is to provide NLP training specific to a business context, allowing professional people to realise their full potential with the application of NLP techniques and skills to their working lives.

Michael Carroll, one of the worlds most respected NLP Master Trainers, sought to establish a higher standard of teaching in the field of NLP and in 1996 formed the NLP Academy. Built on the principles of innovation, creativity and enthusiasm, Michael made sure the NLP Academy strove to achieve new levels of excellence within NLP. The Business NLP Academy is formed from the same mould, targeting a powerful application of NLP that can alter people’s working lives and help them to become leaders in their own fields.

Our Mission

At the Business NLP Academy trainers Michael Carroll, John Grinder and his partner Carmen Bostic St Clair, are committed to innovating the subject of NLP through the highest standard of teaching, unrivaled access to resources and by offering students an invitation to join a network of post graduates, trainers and experts.

Our promise is that the Business NLP Academy will transform your ability to forge professional relationships by exposing you to intellectually challenging theory, combined with methods of application that can be transferred easily to your working life. With the inclusion of practical work from the outset of the learning process, the new NLP ideas will be compounded firmly into your memory.

What to expect from our In-House Training

What makes the Business NLP Academy stand above our competitors is our in-house training packages.

Your NLP training can take place at our training centre or at a convenient location to you such as your own offices thus eliminating the expense of travel, accommodation and also minimising time spent away from the office for your workforce.

There are two options available for in-house training; you can either choose an ‘off-the-shelf’ NLP training program that we have tailored to one of our former clients adjusting it slightly to suit your requirements, or, design a totally bespoke package drawn from our vast experience in the field of NLP training.

A bespoke course can be designed to suit any timeframe and accommodate any number of people. NLP patterning is a framework that can be adapted to a range of fields, which is why with a bespoke package we can ensure that the training your staff will receive from us is completely focused on your specialist area of work that is not only consistent with but also relevant to your professional needs.

Our in-house training utilises the ideas, techniques and applications of the brightest minds currently in NLP; John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll.

See how we can make your workforce more effective with NLP.

What to expect from our Public NLP Training Courses

Delegates of the Business NLP Academy can study at our public courses from a practitioner level right through to trainer level under the guidance of the brightest minds in the field of NLP, including the co-creator Dr John Grinder.

Too often training courses are carried out in huge, impersonal auditoriums where learning is difficult and perhaps even impossible. Our unique learning approach, at our purpose built academy, focuses on intensive practical and group based methods. This ensures practices are remembered and easily integrated into everyday behaviour, making it possible for you to achieve your goals through the application of NLP.

While many other NLP trainers operate transiently in noisy, distracting multi-purpose venues, we provide students to unparalleled access to the home of NLP where you can be expected to be treated as our guest.

NLP Academy founder Michael Carroll, says ‘your development is far too important to offer you a second rate experience in a noisy, clumsy hotel, devoid of personality. Instead we seek to create an ideal learning environment in our centre. In addition, we have recruited the best NLP minds on the planet, to offer what I believe to be the finest NLP training available in this part of the world.’

We offer an environment of innovative learning where like minded people can come together to pursue a discipline to help them reach a standard of personal and professional excellence.

The Academy is based in Croydon, Surrey, 20 minutes south of London by train, 30 minutes from the M25 and 40 minutes from Gatwick Airport.

Leading the way

Since the beginning, the NLP Academy has been at the cutting edge of the discipline, as well as having a co-creator of NLP on board, we strive to use the most cutting edge learning tools to assist in our student’s development. In this respect, we are often copied, but never bettered.

The NLP Academy was the first NLP company to use the “Photo Reading” learning method and to be licensed by Paul Steele of Learning Strategies. We can proudly say that we now teach more people to PhotoRead than any other UK trainer.

Since we began we have promoted the latest work and ideas of John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. The most recent body of work is the New Code NLP which forms the basis of the philosophy at the NLP Academy. We remain the only company in the UK where students can learn directly from John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair, the two leaders in the field of NLP.