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September 19 2011

NLP Public Speaking Q & A

Questions with John Thompson

Can NLP help someone get over nerves when speaking in front of groups of people?
The quick answer yes. People get nervous in many ways. They can overcome it in a day, a week or a second with several NLP techniques. Their state is governed by what they are doing internally and unconsciously.

There is a pattern and code for each one of us to become nervous. Not knowing this pattern can put you at the effect of it. Understanding and adapting the pattern can put you at cause where you are able to access different choices of states, which means being in charge of how you feel in any situation.

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September 18 2011

Frederick Perls: German Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

A short biography on Frederick Perls

Frederick Perls, born July 8, 1893 in Berlin, Germany and is well known for being a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He is most known for his work on the Gestalt Therapy, which was a process that was supposed to help the patient have more of an awareness of their body’s feelings, emotions and its behavior.

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September 17 2011

NLP Sales Techniques Q & A

Questions with John Thompson

What personality traits do good sales people have?
Persistence, knowing how to extroverted, having a tough skin, focus, self belief and what we call in NLP ‘internal referenced’ - being unaffected by what happens externally.

Can people learn these traits?
People can learn anything however, some people will have these traits naturally - so they have an advantage to begin with. People can adopt personality traits but bare in mind; depending on what they’re selling would depend on how much they need each trait.

Specifically, if you wanted to learn these traits, you would find who in your industry or company does posses them, then simply emulate everything they do in that area. Their posture, the way they frame things and so on. There are many NLP techniques that can help speed up this process.

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August 26 2011

The key to successful sales

by Alexander Buck and Michael Carroll

If you were to ask a group of people what the key factors for being successful in a sales position you might hear answers like; good communicator, ability to influence, a people person, target orientated, a great listener, well presented, persistence, good knowledge of product or service, adaptable to different people and situations, being able to think on your feet, a problem solver; confident, and so on.

These are all great answers, but in fact there is one answer that comes before all of these and it very much relates to a way of being. I am talking about something that if we don’t have it, it would make a job in sales virtually impossible, or certainly your earning capacity would be severely restricted. I am of course talking about motivation.

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August 17 2011

Applications of NLP in Business

by Alexander Buck

NLP is well known in the use of its applications on a personal level with many people benefiting in all manner and aspects of their lives. It’s quite a surprise that up until recently, there were no NLP courses specifically covering such a huge part of our lives – business.

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