Advanced Training and Presentation Skills

Course Overview

The first part of the NLP Trainers Training is suitable for those looking to begin on the path to becoming a certified NLP trainer or, equally well, for those who are looking to learn how to deliver presentations in an NLP format. It is otherwise known in NLP circles as Train the Trainer.

John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll will teach you the most effective and up-to-date NLP training techniques enabling you to perform engaging, exciting and dynamic NLP presentations.

The outcome of this course is that you will be proficient in formulating and presenting training sessions using NLP to improve the involvement of the participants and ensure all learning is consolidated.

Module I can be purchased alongside Module II of the NLP Trainers Training as it sets a foundation for people aspiring to teach NLP. However, the course also works as a stand-alone module for those looking to base their presentations on an NLP model. This course is not a presentation course pretending to be Trainers Training, but the skills are relevant outside the NLP training field and can be transferred.

Stage fright and poor self confidence can be the undoing of any presenter. The support and ongoing feedback given by John, Carmen and Michael will combat these problems and instill you with a raised sense of self awareness, meaning you will be able to build instant rapport, even with difficult members of an audience. Utilising varied tones, physiology and a method of measuring how well your message has been understood by your audience are key attributes the training team will help you attain to help you achieve winning presentations.

Overview of Content on Module I

Trainer Self and State

Rapport with your audience

Facilitation and Process of Learning


Learning Formats

Physiology & Tonality

Course style and design




This course is not currently open to new bookings. If you would like more information on when this course will become available please call us on 0208 686 9952