NLP Master Practitioner

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Course Overview

If you are ready to broaden your knowledge of NLP and gain a full understanding of the practice, the NLP Master Practitioner course is for you. As one the of the most comprehensive studies of NLP available, we will help you weave traditional NLP, Real NLP Modelling and John Grinder’s own, New Code NLP into your professional life, immersing you fully into the world of NLP.

Course Objectives

The goal of this course is to enable the participant to embody the driving principles that underpin NLP so they can hone in on their own NLP techniques and develop their own styles in order to become a master of the discipline.

The key to becoming an NLP Master Practitioner is understanding the methodology of modelling. Throughout the course modelling will be used as a vehicle to help you learn new skills. Once you have identified a universal modelling technique you will be able to use it as a learning tool on yourself and others.

Upon completion of this course you should be able to bypass your existing internal maps, which can be a hinderance to accelerated learning. You should expect to be able to yield linguistic protocols that will allow you to influence change, conduct advanced change processes with individuals and groups and set a foundation for being able to design and deliver NLP presentations.

The live Training Course

NLP is a practice; it is learned most effectively by actually doing it. That’s why here the NLP Master Practitioner course focuses on practical exercises, projects, coaching and group discussion. Your knowledge will come alive through these activities and, as a result, the application of NLP skills into your daily life will be a much smoother transition.

Our hands-on learning approach means that instead of just following a manual, you will learn modelling skills by modeling techniques and patterns being demonstrated.

After harnessing a modelling technique you should be able to put NLP interventions into a presentation without your client noticing.


To gain the Master Practitioner qualification your skills will be assessed by two main assignments:

Once you have completed the course you will be awarded with the NLP Master Practitioner (NLPA)

Why attend the Business NLP Academy Master Practitioner Training?

After the Course

When you have completed this course you will be, what is known in the NLP world as, a ‘Modeller’. The core of Real NLP is NLP Modelling; this course will enable you to instigate significant change in clients by using the advanced models of change taught in this course.

Once you have mastered this using a universal modelling technique you can apply it to change behaviour in a range of contexts, from business to education to therapy. As a ‘Modeller’ you will be able to replicate and teach excellence using the skills you have learned. Additionally, you will be able to present using the NLP Trainers model allowing you to engage your audience on a totally new level.

Most significantly, you will be a change agent capable of facilitating “personal breakthrough sessions” with clients, where people experience major changes. Your work can have a real and direct impact on enriching people’s lives as well as your own.

This course is not currently open to new bookings. If you would like more information on when this course will become available please call us on 0208 686 9952