Influence, Persuasion, Negotiation

Course Overview

Influence, Persuasion, Negotiation is designed to achieve your organisational goals by giving your sales, purchasing, finance, and management teams an extra-ordinary competitive communicating and negotiating advantage by moving people from the skills taught within traditional negotiation courses, to a new level of artistry, enabling your teams to understand the structure of powerful persuasion.

Why Attend:

Effective influence, persuasion and negotiation is much more than pushing the other party into a corner, it’s about elegantly influencing the other party to positively take on a new perspective, and then feel good about the outcome. Negotiators will understand the power of reading peoples’ non-verbal behaviour, how to maintain agreement and how to subtly “back off” at various points in the negotiating process.

Participants will learn powerful NLP patterns of influence that are discreetly persuasive. They will learn the importance of reading and influencing non verbal responses in the negotiation process.

What You Will Learn:

How The Course Is Structured:

Participants will set their individual outcomes and learning goals at the beginning of the course in order to maximise the learning experience and will benefit from an experiential and pragmatic approach to learning. The course will provide a balance of presentation, demonstration and experiential exercises.
The coaching and feedback loop will be used to give self and others feedback on their learning and development.

You Will Be Able To:

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