Coaching Skills for High Performance

Course Overview

NLP began its life as a model for working with change in others. Since the early days of NLP, the formats have evolved to become one of, if not the most effective models for coaching.  At this program we will be using New Code NLP to create a high performance in others.

This course is the second of 3 modules of the Business NLP Practitioner course. For more details on the full course please visit this link: Business NLP Practitioner

The use of the word ‘client’ below is to describe the person you are coaching; this could be a paying client, a person in your team if you are a team leader or any person in your company if you are a coach within a business.

You will learn:

After this module you will have learned how to use some of the most advanced change models in NLP to create rapid and lasting change in the people you are working with. When using NLP in coaching sessions your clients will find that they now have a plethora of new ways and choices of dealing with areas where previously they were challenged.

This course is not currently open to new bookings. If you would like more information on when this course will become available please call us on 0208 686 9952