Business NLP Practitioner Course

Course Overview

Modular Practitioner

The NLP Practitioner Training Course is designed for those looking for that extra edge in their professional lives.

The key to transforming the way you do business and conducting professional relationships is mastering the art of communication. By teaching you to master your emotions, build instant confidence and use language with more precision and clarity, this course will ensure your ideas are delivered effectively which will dramatically increase your ability to influence others.

It is a common misconception that only low performers and the most senior members of a team can benefit from additional training. However, business professionals at every level can benefit from learning to harness the power of NLP; directors, entrepreneurs, sales people, managers and marketeers will all be able to realise their full potential after taking this course.

Module I: NLP skills for influence, persuasion and effective communication | 2018 Dates to be confirmed
Module II: New Code NLP skills for High Performance | | 2018 Dates to be confirmed
Module III: NLP models for business applications: leadership, sales, negotiation and marketing | 2018 Dates to be confirmed

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This format not only reduces consecutive days spent away from the office, it also allows the delegate time to consolidate their new knowledge by integrating NLP techniques, skills and applications into their daily working lives. The separation of modules reduces possibility of overloading the delegate with information meaning the new tools are more likely to be remembered and used.

Our NLP Practitioner course is unlike any other business or coaching course, we equip you with skills that will alter the way you see yourself and others. From excellent communication skills comes charisma, rapport and success. With the application of the Business NLP skills available on this practitioner course, your performance and achievements will improve and your chances of excelling in your chosen field will be greatly enhanced.

NLP and negotiation

NLP and Sales

NLP and marketing



NLP language models for coaching

New code NLP

After the course:

After participating in our course, delegates will have an in depth understanding of NLP Practitioner skills and should be confident in applying them in a business environment.

Expect to be proficient in reading non-verbal communication, confidently communicating with efficiency at any level, using language more powerfully and being generally more confident.

Our trainers have been conducting Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner courses since the inception of NLP, from this wealth of experience we know that learning and development does not finish after the course has concluded.

We offer pre and post course support to ensure that all our delegates get the most from their time with the Business NLP Academy and our promise is to provide an expert answer to any NLP related question you may have after completing one of our courses.

This course is not currently open to new bookings. If you would like more information on when this course will become available please call us on 0208 686 9952