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How to Conquer Social Anxiety for Job Interviews

Social Anxiety and Job Interviews

Social Anxiety and Job Interviews

Social anxiety is an unfortunately common problem for millions of people around the world. It can make normal, day-to-day interaction difficult and, in more severe cases, even impossible! People who experience social anxiety often suffer from consequences in their everyday life that people without social anxiety take for granted. For example, someone with social anxiety might find something as seemingly simple as asking a salesperson for help impossible due to a high level of anxiety—rapid heartbeat, panic, and nervousness are all common symptoms experienced by people with social anxiety.
How to Conquer Social Anxiety for Job Interviews
The unfortunate reality of social anxiety is that even though millions of people suffer from some social anxiety, life must go on—which makes social anxiety a potentially crippling problem if it is not handled in the right way. If you are experiencing social anxiety, then you no doubt have already experienced some of these negative consequences. One of the most essential everyday interactions that a person can come across is the standard job interview. Job interviews are often considered to be the real threshold which determines whether or not someone lands a job—an excellent resume, after all, can only get you so far in the business world. What can be done, then, for someone with social anxiety that needs to succeed in a job interview?
The importance of overcoming socal anxiety for job interviews cannot be stressed too much or too often—a job interview is, psychologically speaking, meant to gauge several things about an application: qualifications, knowledge of a business or particular job, and—above all—their natural personality. Although it is often overlooked for the more technical aspects such as qualifications and interview questions, the concept of personality in job interview is an important one. Employers will want to hire people with certain personalities—in general, these personalities should be pleasant and confident. Someone who appears nervous, anxious, or who is unable to project confidence during an interview may be passed over for a position in favor for someone with similar qualifications who does not exhibit such personality signs.
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In order to avoid such a pitfall during the job interview process, someone with social anxiety should prepare themselves for the upcoming job interview by arming themselves with tools that will help alleviate their natural anxiety during the interview process. Because confidence is important during ajob interview, an applicant with social anxiety issues should practice confidence in a solitary setting and then with someone else, preferably someone with whom the applicant is not overly acquainted—this will help simulate the actual experience of the interview process, which will likely be with a total stranger. It will also be beneficial for someone with social anxiety to talking about their experience, qualifications and goals in a natural way—one of the common pitfalls for someone with social anxiety in an interview is to stumble over their words and sound linguistically jumbled. However, it is important to stress that people with social anxiety should not over-practice for an interview

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