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January 11 2012

Leadership Development and Leadership Traits

This article discusses what makes a good leader

Most of our in-house courses are based around the development of leadership. In this blog post we will give different definitions of what a leader is and a brief explanation of a leaders qualities.

Leadership is the set of capabilities that a person has to influence the minds of people in a group, making the team work with enthusiasm, and in achieving goals and objectives. It is also understood as the ability to take initiative, manage, hold, promote, encourage, motivate and evaluate a group or team. In business management, leadership is the exercise of executive activity to effectively and efficiently manage a project within the administrative process of an organization.

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January 09 2012

John Grinder On The New Code NLP

John Grinder Discusses New Code NLP and it's distinctions

This is a transcription of a talk by John Grinder on New Code NLP

In the Classic Code, the typical practitioner, focusing on their practice to come to mastery will, typically, when working besides a client who wishes to make a change, literally will ask that person at the conscious level, “What would you prefer to do? What new behaviors, or how would you like to change the quality of your experience?” All of these questions are answerable at the conscious level.

In the actual practice by Bandler and myself, what we did if we used those interrogatories, was to recognize that by asking those questions to the conscious mind, it would illicit certain kinds of responses typically nonverbalizations and big words that would take some time to specify.

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January 08 2012

Fear and its development

An article about the simplistic human emotion

The most basic and instinctive emotion of a human being is fear which is also a background for many other emotions, such as: anger, jealousy, shame and often sorrow. Anger and sadness can be based on the fear that they will repeat the embarrassing situation and that some people will not be able to cope with it, while jealousy and shame arise from the fear that something is wrong, so some people may feel that they are less worthy than others and so on. If a person is uncomfortable with situation which is intensive and repetitive, than the fear itself can become a permanent lasting form.

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January 05 2012

Action Learning

Action Learning, NLP and In House Training

Action Learning is a modern approach to solving problems and learning new things in a group setting. Action learning involves two groups, the first being the person who owns the problem and secondly a panel of people that listen to the first person and give advice (called the ‘Set Group’).

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December 30 2011

John Grinder On The Know Nothing State

John Grinder discusses The Know Nothing State and the Demon State

This is a transcription of a talk by John Grinder on the Know Nothing State.

When we were first in Hong Kong, there were two women and one male, monks, out of a Buddhists temple there, who were apparently decision makers for this temple. They came invited by our sponsor.

When Carmen did that (NLP Application) from sitting in 1st position to 3rd - the state that they automatically achieved in this transition, they asked if we would come and teach them how to do this, because this state was equivalent to the state they would achieve after about 3 to 3 and a half weeks of meditation… but it happened in 7 minutes. So they were fascinated by the technology that gave them certain access to classes of state which were highly valued in their traditions.

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December 28 2011

Time Perception

Time perception and how it effects peoples everyday lives

In the hectic lifestyle today's world, you're often left thinking just where does my time go. Between long work hours, a busy family life and multitudes of other things we always seem to find ourselves without the time to enjoy life. We end up rushing to everywhere, eating on the go and leaving tasks to those around us.

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December 22 2011

Persuasion – Social Influence

NLP and Persuasion

In this article I will explain an aspect of every day persuasion called ‘Social Influence’. Social Influence is often a wide-ranging expression that works with a variety of phenomena.

Two psychological requirements that lead human beings to conform to the expectations of others involves:
1. Normative social influence - our need to be appreciated and,
2. Informational Social Influence - our need to be liked.

Some of the main varieties of social influence which are researched in the field of social psychology are listed as follows:

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December 18 2011

Psychological Manipulation

Examples of Psychological Manipulation

Psychological manipulation is a kind of interpersonal impact that is designed to alter the belief or conduct of other people by means of deceptive, false, as well as harassing strategies. By evolving the pursuits of the manipulator, usually at the other peoples cost, these kinds of techniques might be regarded devious violent, exploitative, and deceitful. Social influence isn't always damaging. For instance, physicians and NLP’ers can attempt to convince or use techniques for individuals to alter harmful routines. Social influence is usually perceived as being safe when it takes into consideration the ecology of the client. With regards to the circumstance and motives, social influence might amount to deceptive manipulation.

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December 17 2011

John Grinder on NLP fundamentals

John Grinder on NLP fundamentals and the 'magic moment' in language

This is a transcription of a talk by John Grinder on the fundamentals of NLP.

We as a species are obsessive and compulsive about modeling. We seem unable to simply experience “experience”, without imposing upon it some structure. Typically linguistic and often interpretive and evaluative, far away from the actual experience itself.

I suppose that language is one of the crowning achievements of our species historically. Suppose that language, as I’m presently using it and you’re presently receiving it, started out simply as a taxonomic way of naming things that were important in the environment repetitively like Saber-tooth tigers, caves, and various food stuffs that were available for collection in the ancient days in primitive time of our ancestors.

I propose that there was a strange and quite amusing magic moment that occurred repetitively in our species, far beyond the reach that we have of any historical record. That was a moment when we had “Orc & Gorc” (Personification of the typical caveman’s demeanor as a mythical humanlike creature) two cavemen.

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December 11 2011

Goals & Happiness

Goals, purposes and happiness

Without purpose, desire, goals, something that drives us forward we would completely stagnated. We would stuck in a routine and with uncertainty made every step along our way, unsure what to do next.

Our objectives in life are dreams in which we are willing to put effort and work to fulfill them. Specifying the goals, we take responsibility for our lives, we decide to fight rather than sit and wait helplessly. However, it is important to do the ‘’right’’ steps on the path towards the goal. These steps make the difference between dreams and real goals.

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